Yikon Genomics was founded in summer of 2012 by Dr. Sunney Xie, a professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard University and his former graduate student Dr. Sijia Lu. Yikon was funded by venture-capitals as well as by government research grants. Yikon has sequencing and research laboratories at Beijing and Taizhou, and manufacturing siteat Suzhou, Jiangsu, respectively, as well as a certified clinical in vitro diagnosis (IVD) laboratory at Shanghai.

Yikon Genomics focuses on developing and providing genetic analytical products and services for in vitro diagnosis (IVD).Yikon also supplies unique single cells amplification kits based on patented MALBAC® technology that pre-amplify pico-grams level nucleic acids to microgram prior to genomic and epigenetic analysis, thereby resolving the common problems of insufficient quantity and heterogeneity of genetic materials from various sample sources.

Nucleic acid analytical platforms such as real-time qPCR, microarray and next-generation sequencing often require starting samples to meet specific quantity and quality threshold to generate reproducible and accurate data. These minimal sample requirements in quantity and quality are not easily achieved in many applications, especially in the field of forensics and IVD. Extremely tiny samples such as single cells, plasma, hair follicle, blood stain, fine-needle aspiration and laser capture micro-dissection are often severe challenges for all genetic assays regarding detection of point mutation, copy-number variations, indels, gene fusions and expression. These challenges may cause failure or poor reproducibility of the results.

MALBAC® technology is the most powerful tool to overcome these challenges up to date. By virtue of unprecedented evenness in amplification, MALBAC® technology is able to amplify trace amount (even single chromosome) nucleic acids to millions fold, thus make ever impossible assays practicable.

  • 2016.3, the first Non-invasive embryo chromosome screening (NICS®) baby was born healthy in Wuxi Maternity and Child Health Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University.
  • 2015.11, certified clinical laboratory of Yikon Genomics was founded in Shanghai, China.
  • 2014.9, the first baby was born healthy avoiding monogenic disease as well as chromosomal disease under the help of MALBAC-PGD from Yikon Genomics.
  • 2013.11, genome analyses of single human oocyte using MALBAC® based single cell sequencing technology published in the journal Cell.
  • 2013.1, Yikon Genomcs Inc. was founded in CA, United States to develop overseas business.
  • 2012.12, MALBAC®  technology paper published in the journal Science.
  • 2012.10, Yikon Genomics (Beijing) was founded as R&D center.
  • 2012.6, Yikon Genomics was founded in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

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